IBAMA Ergonomic Neck Support Travel Pillow, Rest Cushion Cervical Pillow, Soft Memory Foam Plus Washable Cover
2015-06-05 09:17:55
  • Ideal for journeys, watching TV, reading, driving, Airplanes, Trains,Wheelchairs,meditate and convalesce after surgery etc.
  • Soft Worsted cotton double dolly And Magnetic therapy cover,Soft and firm memory foam inner
  • Washable Worsted cotton double dolly Cover Helps To Eliminate Germs
  • Stops Head From Falling Forward While Sleeping With Ingenious Chin Support While At The Same Time Supporting Your Head In The Perfect Position From The Side. It's Like lying Down While You're Sitting Up!
  • Package: IBAMA® travel pillow*1, IBAMA® washable pillow cover*1. Product Dimensions:35.5*32.5*14CM



RedDot Design Reward 2013 Thist Travel pillow is a design winner of the Red Dot Reward 2013.  Safe, Healthy Natural Magnetic Neck Pillow This neck pillow features the natural magnetic force that can effectively improve cerebral microcirculation and bidirectionally regulate blood pressure and is a good way to lower blood pressure. It is an alternative treatment for cervical spine disorders as well. The magnetic neck pillow also works great for helping people get rid of fatigue and restore energy. It helps balance endocrine and treat endocrine disorders. In addition, magnetic force can promote cell metabolism and help the body get rid of toxins and harmful substances. Time to Save Your Neck Driving makes people tired, and a long driving can put pressure on the neck. Long hours of office work causes neck pain and soreness, which may make people less efficient. A long trip by air or by train also causes unbearable neck pain. Provides Deep Sleep For You Created utilizing High quality Visco Memory Foam,memory foam Neck pillow moulds to accommodate the shoulder's natural curve and keep the spine in correct alignment. Cradles the head and neck, giving comfort and support and helping give you a better night's sleep.